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The Simple Joy of Finding Unexpected Art – Yarn Bombing

30 Jun

While angrily shouting into my partially broken phone (which is clogged with paint so no one can hear me)…

Pacing outside the Verizon store…

Angry because I have to work today and was only on my lunch instead of outside having a nice day….

Growling about insane prices and what a horrible company Verizon is…

I found a lucky penny!

Which made me happy.

And then I turned around and found a yarn bomb!

Which also made me happy.




Doesn’t look like the website that is listed on the ribbon has been updated in a little while. Knit For Peace.  But I am really excited to discover local Yarn Bombers!

Prada Announces Steampunk Line of Men’s Fashion

30 Jun

I am in love.  That’s all there is to it.  Normally I don’t follow high end fashion, but who can resist these handsome men decked out in Steampunk goodness?  (Not me!)

Modeled by four of Hollywood’s leading men; Willem Dafoe, Gary Oldman, Garret Hedlund, and Jamie Bell.

I believe it is more difficult for men to put together a particularly stunning steampunk outfit.  If you are a girl – toss a corset on it and you can make a sexy outfit out of anything.  Guys have to work at it more.  They don’t get the luxury of ruffles, overskirts, feathers, and frills.  A tailored suit is always a good standby for the steampunk men, but who wants to just wear a suit?

These Prada fashions are wearable on a normal day, or at the most diehard convention.  At both places any man would stand out, in the best possible way, wearing these ensembles.

I originally heard about this from one of my favorite blogs Xerposa.  Check them out for a great perspective on Prada’s new steampunk fashion line.


Part 2 – Ongoing short story – “Conversations with the cat”

29 Jun

This is the part 2 in an ongoing story and prequal to There’s a real buzz about this place.

Part 1: It isn’t too late.  You can change.

“I don’t believe in magic.”  Lydia said.

“That’s ok.   The magic believes in you.  That’s all that matters.  It is looking for you even now.”  Purred the cat.  “Do you think it will find you in time?”

“No.  It won’t, because magic doesn’t exist.  I’m stressed and overworked.  That’s all.  There is no magic.”  Lydia breathed deeply.  “…If there was, it would have saved me from everything that’s happened.”  She whispered.

The cat curled its body against her leg, still purring.

“I’ll show you someplace safe.”  The feline trotted a few feet ahead.  “Where the magic can’t eat your soul.”

Geeking out – Guild Wars 2 Launch Date Announced

29 Jun

Guild Wars 2 is almost here!  Launch date set for 8/28/2012. 

I guess you can count 2 long months away from now as ‘almost here.’  At least it is better than only having tiny tidbits and speculation as to when we will be able to play this fantastic game.

While surfing the blogosphere in a tizzy of fanaticism and excitement – yesterday I came across Greibach’s Normal Form and this post that summed it all up.  All the waiting, the evolutions from GW to GW2, the cutting edge mechanics Areanet is implementing.  It is all coming together in one big, beautiful game.

Veggie Taco Doodle

28 Jun

This is the product of one starving artist, chowing down on tacos during a never ending meeting at work, and blaming her gluttony on the fact that she is diabetic.  Then drawing tacos and bunnies instead of paying attention…

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