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Two Unusual Pieces of Steampunk Art

29 Dec

There is a ton of artwork out there for the Steampunk genre.  I prefer more unusual pieces that aren’t just pretty girls in goggles and skirts.  The ones that make you think and make you look twice just to see whats there.  See two of my most recent discoveries below.  Click each image to go to the artist’s website.

Artist Spotlight: akirakirai

28 Dec

There is an artist on Deviantart.  She goes by akirakirai.  Her art is beautiful and tormented.  Sometimes I can relate.

Anger, Frustration by akirakirai

Anger, Frustration by akirakirai

Fear by akirakirai

Fear by akirakirai

Dealing with Death and Drama

27 Dec

There are some days when the world is scary and it hurts and everything is going wrong.  I stand in the eye of the storm alone and unmoving like a weeping angel frozen atop her tombstone.  Hurricane winds whip around me carrying projectiles that are sharp, barbed, and deadly.  Here in the eye I am safe, though scared.

Everything I can’t control is in a whirl, beating each other, smashing one another into pieces and howling in pain.  I watch, too afraid to wade into the winds, sure in the fact that I can’t stop it and will only add to the chaos.  One more tumbling body reaching for stability, warmth, and protection.  Grasping at dreams instead of reality as numb fingers try to hold onto something, anything.

A bony grip locks two bodies together as they try to weather the storm together.  The storm laughs, throws them high into the air, giving them flight for the briefest of moments before abandoning them with a grin.  They hold each other so tight it is suffocating as the screams are ripped from their chests by the wind, like ghosts escaping the dead.  Together they bring each other down, falling, falling, failing.

I stand alone as the winds die down, a coward.  Safe and untouched beyond the small scratches that redden my skin and the salt tears that burn my wounds.  As far as I can see there is carnage.  My world is collapsing and there are dead littered among the ruins.  I’m afraid to look because I don’t know if you made it through and I don’t know what I’ll do if you are dead too.

Steampunk Love

26 Dec

Lately I’ve focused a lot on writing but I want to also post about my other love- STEAMPUNK!

I know everyone says you should focus only on one niche (writing or steampunk?) but I can’t help it.  Some days are writing days and others are steampunk days.  I love them both and am too A.D.D. to pick a focus or create two separate blogs.  I’m sorry if this makes things confusing or inconsistent.

Everyday I'm Bustlin'

Everyday I’m Bustlin’

Snow Day!!!!

22 Dec

There are some days that are made for hot chocolate, fuzzy blankets, and a good book. Today is one of those days.

Usually when it snows the pit of my stomach falls and I dread the drive to work. Then worry if I will be able to get home because I live half way up a mountain at 5500 feet above sea level.

Some days are a perfect storm (literally.) Waking up on a lazy Saturday with work four blissful days away, a foot of white fluff steadily falling, and no need to leave home. The neighbors built snowmen and an igloo in their yards.  I cheered them on, but stayed safely inside.

Happy almost Christmas everyone! I hope your day is going as well as mine is.

DreampunkGeek- Peaches in the snow DreampunkGeek- White Christmas

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