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31 Jan

Steampunk World’s Fair Here I Come!

30 Jan

We have the plane tickets. We have the SPWF (Steampunk World’s Fair) tickets. We are going to New Jersey baby!

In May, my best friend and I will be meeting up with my family at the Steampunk World’s Fair. Here the five of us converge on one place at one time. Watch out for goggles, time travel, robots, parasols, and so much awesomeness I’m vibrating with excitement and giddy for the endless possibilities.

On our list of things to do while in good old NJ:

  1. Eat White Castle cheeseburgers at least one meal each day
  2. Eat at the Golden Coral Diner which is just down the road and has the best pickles and coleslaw in the entire world
  3. Eat Dunkin Donuts because Reno just doesn’t have any
  4. Eat pizza. NJ isn’t as good as NY pizza, but its not a bad second place.
  5. Drink absinth
  6. Drink more absinth

…so far everything has to do with food and drink.

  1. Buy a new corset
  2. Hit people with sticks (No really. I hope they have Bartitsu classes again this year.)
  3. Go to every author’s lecture and make them sign books and talk to them about writing
  4. Wear lots of feathers (I will wear my (currently in process) Steampunk Witchdoctor costume)
Steampunk Witch Doctor Costume Design

Steampunk Witchdoctor Costume Design


I <3 Steampunk

25 Jan

Hola!  I’m in the process of getting my plane tickets that will take me away to the Steampunk World’s Fair in May.  Am getting in the steampunk mood and planning my costume.

I Love Steampunk by: *CatherinetteRings

I Love Steampunk by: *CatherinetteRings

The Art of Reading

23 Jan

Found several beautiful illustrations of books and reading.  These three were my favorites.

The Library: by =asuka111 on Deviantart.   It is magic.  Shows the wonder and whimsy of reading.  As if the world is available at your fingertips just by opening a book.

The Library: by =asuka111

The Library: by =asuka111

Sneaking Around: by `thundercake on Deviantart.  The best places to read books are curled up someplace snug and warm.  The golden light is friendly and even the mousy companion in the corner seems pretty comfortable in this nice little reading hideaway.

Sneaking Around: by `thundercake

Sneaking Around: by `thundercake

bear in reading: by ~ironland on Deviantart.  This is how it should feel when you are reading a good book.  Safe, cozy, and happy.

bear in reading: by ~ironland

bear in reading: by ~ironland

I Feel Jipped

22 Jan

698Yesterday was the highest views I ever received on this blog.  Coming in at a grand total of 698 all in one day.

Normally I average about 100 hits in a day.  It is a humble number, but one that I feel comfortable relying on and makes me feel like a few people are happy to share my little corner of the internet.

698!  Wow.  That’s huge.  Seven times my normal number.

Then I noticed I had exactly 70 visitors yesterday.  Not nearly enough to warrant the huge number of views.  Almost 600 of which were clicks on my about page…

It was a robot.  Some spammer or other maliciously intended individual.

Kind of a letdown.  But what upsets me the most is that now my highest views is a lie!  It is going to keep staring me in the face, proudly displayed on my stats page in a place of honor.  And it was from some robot.

Rawr!  Be gone malicious people of the world!  I am so sick of you trying to take advantage of honest people.  Sick of you taking joy in hurting others.  Laughing at us with evil glee while you pull our puppet strings and force us to dance.

Get out of my life and don’t ever come back.  I hope someone takes you for all you are worth because that is all you deserve for hurting other people.

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