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Happy Steampunk Easter!

29 Mar

Steampunk goes well with everything, even Easter.  I can prove it.

Steampunk/Easter mashup goodness below!

I give to you Exhibit A:  Needle Felted White Rabbit by Debra Quartermain Design

A fuzzy gentleman rabbit, pocket watch in hand and monocle in place.

 Needle Felted White Rabbit by Debra Quartermain Design

Exhibit B:
Steampunk Easter Bunny by Urban Threads

Your run of the mill, egg laying rabbit.  Although he does do it in style.

  Steampunk Easter Bunny by Urban Threads

Exhibit C:
Steamy Happy Easter Egg by Steampunk Jewelry & Weaponry Design by Friston

I don’t know what to call this guy… but he is all kinds of awesome.

 Steamy Happy Easter Egg by Steampunk Jewelry & Weaponry Design by Friston

Exhibit D:
Steampunk Submarine Easter Egg by Pietrach

Who knew there was an egg under there?  Such a creative approach and I adore the duckie.

 Steampunk Submarine Easter Egg by Pietrach

Writing. It’s like falling face first into a swimming pool

28 Mar

Writing is a scary thing.  Sitting down to do it after a long break due to health issues, laziness, busy schedules, and stress feels like sticky summer days.  The kind where you know the plunge into icy swimming pool waters is exactly what you need, but you hesitate.  Toes over the edge you breathe in deeply, tell yourself to jump in, but your body disobeys your mind.  You stay frozen.  An iceberg adrift in a sea of heat.  Your only salvation the very thing you refuse to do.  The water will be cold.  It will shock your body as you hold your breath and lose yourself as you sink deep into the dreamy, blue, depths.  You will burst up with a splash, gasping for air, water up your nose, and wiping chlorine droplets from your eyes.  You shiver for a minute, smiling without knowing it, and you float weightlessly.

This is how it feels to pick up writing after a long break without it.  I’m resistant and scared but I know I will love it once I get up the courage to start.

Yesterday my writing group met up.  Only one other person was able to make it and we were both out of practice.  We chatted and delayed the moment when we would start writing.  My mind was blank.  What to write?  What to do?  I don’t know where to start.  I have no story inside me.  Nothing to share.

Lies and insecurities.

When we finally did start to write, words gushed past me in a wave of clear, fresh, water.  Refreshing to drink as letter, punctuation, and sentences cleansed my worries and began to form a story.  It felt so good.  This was what I needed.

The Great Debate: Books vs. E-Readers

27 Mar

The Battle of Books vs. e-Readers.  Round one… FIGHT!

Personally, I will always love the look and feel of paper books.

I only like the e-reader better for two things:
1) Books that are out of print/copyright or only available in hardcover.
2) If I finished a book in the middle of a great series and can’t stand to wait until the next day when I can get to the bookstore to purchase the next installment.  (Guilty of this while I read Karen Marie Moning’s Fever series.  If you like Urban Fantasy and haven’t read it, you should.  Right now.  No excuses.  You have an e-reader, I know it.)

Victorian Slang or – Did they really say that?

27 Mar

Mwahahahaha!  Watch this educational clip from the British TV show Horrible Histories for some really funny Victorian Slang.  This is all things they really did use in their speech.  It got me rolling with giggles and laughter.

What is your Steampunk Name?

26 Mar

According to BrassGoggles Steampunk Name Creator (a generator of names and titles for those who may have temporarily misplaced their own) my Steampunk name is:

Frau Agnes Etherington

Steampunkthings – Victorian and Steampunk Name Generator has me as:

Baroness Viola Anastasia Hunt

Victorian & Steampunk Name Generator has my chosen name:

Commodore Virginia Anson Whittaker

What is your Steampunk Name?

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