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Reporting Harassment at a Convention: A First-Person How To

28 Jun

For anyone who goes to conventions and has had to deal with harassment, this is a great guide. I’ve been lucky in my experiences, but I feel better after reading this article because now I know what to do if I ever run into this situation.


My friend Elise Matthesen was creeped upon at a recent convention by someone of some influence in the genre; she decided that she was going to do something about it and reported the person for sexual harassment, both to the convention and to the person’s employer. And now she’s telling you how she did it and what the process is like. Here’s her story.


We’re geeks. We learn things and share, right? Well, this year at WisCon I learned firsthand how to report sexual harassment. In case you ever need or want to know, here’s what I learned and how it went.

Two editors I knew were throwing a book release party on Friday night at the convention. I was there, standing around with a drink talking about Babylon 5, the work of China Mieville, and Marxist theories of labor (like you do) when an editor from a different…

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What is this passion thing?

25 Jun
DreampunkGeek (Anna Van Skike) - OC Drawing

DreampunkGeek (Anna Van Skike) – OC Drawing

Will I die without my art?
Honestly, I wouldn’t.  Life would be a bit duller, and I don’t know how I would pass time, but I would survive.

Does this mean that I don’t love what I do?  Am I not passionate enough about it?
I feel guilty for knowing that I can go on without making my art.

What is this passion thing?
Is it a burning desire that fuels your will to live?


Sometimes I feel like an imposter.

But I can be a good liar – if only towards myself.
In my free time, I make art, I think about art, I write, read, learn, and find more good art because it makes me happy to do so.  Isn’t this passion?  Just because I don’t toss a good romance story behind it, and am willing to die for art Romeo and Juliet style… doesn’t mean that I don’t have passion.  It is just a quieter, more timid form of passion.  A bonfire which does not blaze into the sky, but smolders near the ground, safe, consistent, and snug.  It is that place deep within the dragon heart where fire always burns, warming the insides.



If you marry a creative person…

24 Jun

The Ocean at the End of the Lane

20 Jun

Neil Gaiman’s newest book The Ocean at the End of the Lane arrived in my mailbox yesterday.  My sweety knew that I was dieing for it, but wouldn’t break down and buy it for myself, so he did the deed and purchased it for me.  I’m so happy he did, although now I have a slight dilemma.

The Ocean at the End of the Lane

I haven’t started reading it yet, but this little comic pretty much sums it up better than I can…  Not sure what to do with myself.

The 1860’s Bar -and- We are the World of Warcraft

19 Jun

Two parts to this post, each of which is entirely unrelated except for the fact that they are both youtube videos.

Much Steampunk love for this video of a prank where a NYC bar is completely transformed into an 1860’s bar.  I wish this was a real bar… I would totally hang out there all the time, and I don’t even like bars.

The gamer girl in me can’t resist this World of Warcraft / We are the World mashup video.  I’m a little embarrassed to say that I was an avid WoW player back in college.  I even met my hubby through the game.  Haven’t played in years, but this song is just friggin awesome.

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