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That awkward moment when you realize someone is not your friend

30 Sep

originality. never apologize for who you are quote

There is this lady I know and respect because she is a very cool person, creative, artsy, and is intelligent. But I have one HUGE issue with her. She makes me feel uncool, geeky (and not in the good way), slow, and always a step behind.

She always comes over to chat and hang out with me, which at first was cool. I really do respect her, and it is fun to get to know someone with similar interests, so things were good.

The issue is in the little things. The way she is never interested in my opinions. The way she quietly judges my (somewhat eccentric) hobbies with the little comments she makes that make me seem crazy. When I excitedly told her about my new ballet adventures, she wished me well, BUT I saw her eyes flit up and down my (admittedly slightly overweight frame.) The unspoken message – you are too fat/old/whatever to be doing this ridiculousness.

Now I am in the awkward position of not liking this person and not wanting to spend time with her, but she doesn’t know this. I don’t like confrontation. I just want her to leave me alone. For the last week I feel like I’m carrying on a fake friendship to maintain the peace and good atmosphere. I’ve resorted to avoidance, but dang she is persistent and keeps wanting to hang out.

No clue what to do…


Sunday Sketch

29 Sep

DreampunkGeek (Anna Van Skike) Sunday Sketch 9.28.2013

There is a story here somewhere

27 Sep

Current fascination – this image right here – Meeting between crosswalks by ~sylphielmetallium

Sleepy… here are some dog pictures

26 Sep

I blame the hubby for keeping me up all night because he was sick.  I am sleepy and my brain is not working.

Here are some pictures of Princess, my little Boston terrier.

 Princess the boston terrier Princess the boston terrier Princess the boston terrier

Princess the boston terrier

(Caught mid-shake… she isn’t drunk I swear.)

Goth for Geeks

25 Sep

Steampunk, goth for geeks

Sometimes steampunk and Goth are compared.  Ever hear this one?  “Steampunk – What happened when Goths discovered brown.”

There are some similarities in the aesthetics, but the biggest difference I’ve observed is the attitude of the people.  (Note: This is generalized and purely based on my opinions and observations.)

Goths are unhappy people.
Steampunks are excited about life.

I can go up to anyone decked out in steampunk garb and start a conversation.  Chances are they will be friendly, geeky, and a lot of fun to be around.  Honestly, I’m intimidated by someone dressed as a goth, all in black, who doesn’t look all that friendly.  Does this make me a scardy-cat?  Yes, probably it does.  Do I care?  Nope.

I’m a steampunker through and through and I don’t really understand the appeal of goth culture.  What are your experiences with steampunk/goth culture?  Did I miss the mark here?

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