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Happy Halloween!!!!

31 Oct

Wishing everyone a safe, fun, and candy filled Halloween!

It makes me happy that this moment existed.


Don’t Forget to Backup your Novel!!

30 Oct

With NaNoWriMo starting in 2 days (OMG its almost here!!) a friendly reminder to backup your novel regularly.

My favorite way to do this is with Dropbox.  It is free and ridiculously easy to setup and has plenty of space to save your new book-in-progress.

Good luck to anyone out there participating this year!  May your words come freely and easily.

Louisa May Alcott writing books quote

Oyster and Scribd

28 Oct

Keeping my eyes on these two ebook subscription services. If I ever learn to love ebooks I’m totally signing up.

Steam Trains and Ghosts

There’s two new developments in the book industry that are making me salivate, both as a reader and a writer. They’re called Oyster and Scribd, and they’re both recently-opened startups that promise to let you subscribe to an ebook service, a la Netflix.

Here’s how they work. You pay a monthly subscription fee ($9.95 a month for Oyster, $8.99 for Scribd) to get in. Once you’re in, you have access to the service’s entire database of ebooks. You can read as much as you want. So why doesn’t somebody sign up for one month, download a few hundred books, and run? You can only read the books while you’re a paid subscriber. Once you let your subscription lapse, the books disappear.

Why I’m excited as a reader

Both services are still hammering out deals with the major publishers, but if they do this right, their databases will have all…

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Sunday Sketch

27 Oct

DreampunkGeek (Anna Van Skike) Halloween Witch Sunday Sketch

Zombies and Turtles…?

25 Oct

Next time someone asks you a question and you aren’t entirely sure how to respond, try a line from this kids book.  You will come off so pro that no one will know what to say.

…I like turtles!

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