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In the Holiday Spirit

20 Nov

It might be a little early for holiday shopping, but with advertizements like this who can resist running out to Kmart on Black Friday?

Close your eyes boys- this one is for the ladies!

To Me – Really it will be OK. Stop Panicking.

18 Nov

Another pep talk to myself scheduled in advance.  It is the end of October as I write this and I know that by the time this posts I must be freaking out about NaNoWriMo.

Take a deep breath, stop obsessing about word count (I know you are!), and go take a walk.

Feel better now?  No?  Ok, read this and maybe it will help get your head screwed back on straight.  You can do it!

writing a first draft quote

Sunday Sketch

17 Nov

I’ve lost the reference photo I used to draw this.  Did it just to see if I could.

DreampunkGeek: (Anna Van Skike) Sunday Sketch portrait in pen and ink

The Fabulous People of NaNoWriMo

15 Nov

Minstrel (Tir Athair) Marissa AmesLast Wednesday I met author Marissa Ames who happened to show up at my writing group for some NaNoWriMo fun.

We did our NaNoWriMo thing, and busted out some wordcount between relaxed chatting and laughing.

She is a seriously cool person (not only does she write but she also paints and has her own urban farm!)

If you are looking for a new author checkout her website and book.  I haven’t read it yet, but will be starting it soon.  I’ll tell you how I like it once I finish, although I have some pretty high expectations after reading the short stories posted on her site and actually meeting her.

Happy Birthday Vizzini from the Princess Bride!!!!

12 Nov

Princess Bride Vizzini

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Wallace Shawn!! (He played Vizzini in the Princess Bride.)  Today you turn 70 O_o.

You have no idea what a big part of my childhood you were, along with the 6 fingered man, Buttercup, the Man in Black, Fezzik, and Inigo Montoya.

I will forever quote “Inconceivable!”  and imagine it in your voice because it is just that awesome.

Princess Bride Vizzini and Buttercup

Princess Bride Vizzini - Wallace Shawn

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