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Geek Costume Ideas for Halloween

24 Oct

You could be a hipster Disney princess!

hipster mermaid

Gender swapped Han Solo.


Cute Pokemon!


Where the Wild Things Are.  (Love, love, love, love this!!!)


Be a Hobbit


Or a Dwarf


Alice from: Alice: Madness Returns


A Simple Explination of Steampunk Googles

3 Oct

Steampunk Googles

Goth for Geeks

25 Sep

Steampunk, goth for geeks

Sometimes steampunk and Goth are compared.  Ever hear this one?  “Steampunk – What happened when Goths discovered brown.”

There are some similarities in the aesthetics, but the biggest difference I’ve observed is the attitude of the people.  (Note: This is generalized and purely based on my opinions and observations.)

Goths are unhappy people.
Steampunks are excited about life.

I can go up to anyone decked out in steampunk garb and start a conversation.  Chances are they will be friendly, geeky, and a lot of fun to be around.  Honestly, I’m intimidated by someone dressed as a goth, all in black, who doesn’t look all that friendly.  Does this make me a scardy-cat?  Yes, probably it does.  Do I care?  Nope.

I’m a steampunker through and through and I don’t really understand the appeal of goth culture.  What are your experiences with steampunk/goth culture?  Did I miss the mark here?

Steampunk World’s Fair 2013 Recap (Part6)

5 Jun

I hope you aren’t tired of my Steampunk World’s Fair posts.  This is the last and final one.  I swear its true.  I’m done!  Really truly done.

See the other posts here if you missed them.  Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4 Part5.

cc via Steampunk Family the Von Hedwigs

cc via Steampunk Family the Von Hedwigs

My family was all at the event, and we did split up several times so we all got to see different things and have different experiences.  You may have seen my Dad’s comments earlier.  My Mom was a little slower in getting her response to my request to write about their experiences so I could share here.  This is what she had to say:

Music, clothes, lectures, vendors – what more can you ask for?  It had it all, and I will be going back next year (in persona AND costume).  So many of the people there were in persona – the man in full punk Safari jacket, mega kitted out long gun, and pink tutu (a fairy catcher, he explained just how difficult catching them was, even in camouflage), the IAAC crew (Imperial Amerikan Air Corps), the lady cataloging and tagging all fairies she saw, and too many more to list them all.  Some were costume only, many were persona as well.

Highlights for me this year was seeing the IAAC crew again.  The IAAC is the brainchild of Brian Thomas, who wrote Steam Powered Tales of Awesomeness with Ray Witte.  It is a collection of steam, snark, adventure and just fun stories set in Thomas’s rich world.  They have some of the best advice on world creation I have read, though I wish they would put their (Thomas and Witte) advice in book form.  They are wonderful both in IAAC persona and out.

The Folks Below was my musical fav – her voice is amazing.  Folk Rock with atypical lyrics and sometimes rhythms so good I caught them twice.

Cynthia Gayton, a lawyer in VA and DC, talked about character creation and the law.  She wore a becoming long skirt and bustle with the matching shirt, jacket, and hat.  I was impressed already.  Then she started speaking.  Wow does she know her stuff!  She could have gone on for hours but for the allotted time and next speaker waiting for the room.  She opened the law and made it easy and approachable.  I hope to see her on the schedule next year.

Susan Spencer of Spencer’s Mercantile did the lecture on Victorian sewing, and I hope to see her here again next year.  She did a great overview of Victorian fashion, but next year I would like to hear break down corset construction, or maybe some of the lesser known sewing techniques the Victorians used.  Or obscure fashions and trends.  Yes, I am a historical fashion junkie.

Torture 201 is a surprising fav of mine this year.  Prof. Mark Donnelly is my fav from last year’s SPWF, with his Bartitsu hands on demonstrations.  He reviewed many torture techniques that were historically used, and talked about the real reasons torture was used.  In the end, a victim would say anything the torturer wanted, so according to Donnelly, “then why use it?”.  He did a great job of answering it.  He is a knowledgeable and charismatic speaker that I do not tire of hearing.

Running into Voltaire and other performers mingling and shopping made the event for me.  Everyone with only one exception (and Anna spoke about her in her prior posts) was friendly and approachable.

My only real complaint?   Ladies, FINISH your hems properly!!!!!   I saw several detailed and expensive gowns with the selvedge edge hanging down at the bottom of the front bustle drape.  All the time and money you put into that outfit shot itself in the foot with the raw edge hanging like that.  Susan Spencer, in her lecture, commented on that to the effect of. “I wish I could approach these people and tell them how to improve their costumes.”  That was a paraphrase.  I guess she has tried in the past, and not been received well.  The other thing I saw was a beautiful woman in a beautiful dress ( until you saw the raw hem at the bottom.). It looked like she either forgot to hem it, or cut off a lower part of the dress.  Again, what happened?  Shot that dress too.

Kudos to all the ladies(and men) I saw in home tailored clothes.  Your tailoring was superb.  I only knew they were homemade by the prints and colors you chose.  The cuts suited you, the colors suited you, and the accessories were perfect.  Did you get asked for pics?  If you didn’t, then other people missed what those of us who sew saw.  I hope to see some or all of you next year.”

Steampunk World’s Fair Recap (Part4)

29 May

I may have said this would be posted “tomorrow” about 4 days ago… All I know is somehow a long weekend happened and then a little bit of life, and I’m just way behind schedule.  I’ve actually got a bunch of things to post, I just wanted to finish the Steampunk World’s Fair Recap first to keep it all together.

This was going to be all about the talented writers and artists at the fair, but its turning into a longer post than I intended and I need to do a little bit more research.

Instead I bring you a few words from my dad, whom I think sums up the event in far fewer words than I ever could have, and with much more eloquence.

“Steampunk World’s Fair was like time traveling back to Victorian England and being able to experience what that period could offer.  The experience extended to attire, merchandise, music, literature, entertainment and informational.  I personally most enjoyed the music, especially “The Wandering Cellist”, “Baroque & Hungry” and “Matt DeBlass”.  The singer/songwriter discussion was amazing.”

DreampunkGeek- Peter at SPWF 2013

DreampunkGeek- Peter (My Bro) at SPWF 2013

DreampunkGeek- Juana and Anna at SPWF 2013

DreampunkGeek- Juana and Anna at SPWF 2013

DreampunkGeek- Anna at SPWF 2013

DreampunkGeek- Anna at SPWF 2013

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