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DIY Steampunk Top Hat

10 Sep

Here is a new and improved DIY top hat tutorial from Lost Wax.  Previously I posted a link to their cardboard top hat tutorial, along with other nifty top hat projects here – Three Steampunk Top Hat Tutorials.

This new top hat is made using an exercise mat and craft foam.  The way he adds a curve to the brim (using a hair dryer to heat the mat) is ingenious and looks fabulous.  It also looks comfortable because of the material it is made out of.

Three Steampunk Top Hat Tutorials

20 Mar

You don’t need a top hat to rock the steampunk look… but it doesn’t hurt.  Besides, they just look nifty and fun to wear.

If you are like me and can’t shell out a couple hundred dollars to buy yourself a good quality top hat, but still long for one in the worst way – checkout these three tutorials to make your own.

Cardboard Steampunk Top Hat Tutorial

I may do a Frankenstein combination of this hat and the next tutorial to cover it with cloth.  It will be a much more inexpensive alternative to buying one and hopefully will look a lot better than the standard costume felt hats you can buy.

Cardboard Steampunk Top Hat Tutorial

Cardboard Steampunk Top Hat Tutorial

How to cover your standard felt top hat with fabric tutorial

Just think of all the looks you can achieve with this technique by using different fabrics.  I’m thinking purple paisley would make a great Mad Hatter look.  Plaid for something with a Scottish twist.  Pastel pink for a princess or fairy.  Endless possibilities!

How to cover your standard felt top hat with fabric tutorial

How to cover your standard felt top hat with fabric tutorial

Steampunk Leather Top Hat Tutorial

Oh so drool worthy.  If I had the time/tools/leather/patience to try this one it would be on the top of my top hat making list.  This one is just a little bit out of my league and (sadly) I recognize that.

One really good thing about this tutorial is that he has a pattern you can copy and shows you how to get that nice curve in the brim by the shape he cuts the pieces.

Steampunk Leather Top Hat Tutorial

Steampunk Leather Top Hat Tutorial

A Scarf and Basing my Self-Worth on it

19 Mar

I finished knitting a scarf yesterday.  It was relaxing to make, quick, and easy.  When it was done I immediately knew I wanted to give it away to a friend at work.  (Sorry no pic of the finished piece.  I forgot to take a photo and I already gave it away this morning.)

Ruffle Scarf

This is not the scarf I made, however it looks almost identical to mine.

While finishing the last few stitches and pondering the giving away business, something I read a long time ago wandered into my mind.

Do I create things seeking validation and base my sense of self-worth off of the things I can make? 

Why does anyone make things? 

Could be as simple as the fact that we want the finished item.  However, most of the time for me the fun is in the making and giving away.  The finished piece is irrelevant.  Only the journey matters.  There is also an extreme feeling of satisfaction whenever I make something and a shy sense of pride when someone likes it.

If you like to craft, write, paint, or anything of the sort – what makes you tick?  Why do you do it?

How Far to take Steampunk Cosplay?

19 Sep

Cosplay is something I’ve only recently discovered when I dressed up last May for the Steampunk World Fair 2012.  Ever since I’ve been planning and plotting my next 3 costumes.

steampunk lady with a gun

I have to research the American West, French & British war, relations with Native Americans in the 1800s, relations with the British in the 1800s, guns, knives, Irish Republican Army, trains, silver mines, and a whole lot of fashion during this time.

steampunk leg warmers spats

This may seem like a ridiculous amount of work to some (ok most) people, but to me it is a thrill.  I am creating an entire story, characters, and steampunk world to fit into.

steampunk waistcoat vest fashion

Steampunk World Fair 2013 will be 3 days.  I want 3 costumes.  One for each day.  As the days progress, so will the story line of my costumes and characters.

steampunk victorian historical 1870 dress

Does anyone else do all this?  Am I going too far?  Taking this too seriously?

Steampunk wings win best in show at Dragon Con 2012

12 Sep

Meet Chloe Seachord.  Coolest Steampunk wing design and costume ever.

She won best in show at this year’s Dragon Con.

steampunk costume mechanical wings

Those wings are fully functioning.  They can retract and expand.

Check out Apparition Abolishers for details on how the wings were constructed.

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