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Girl and the Moon Drawing

29 Nov

Sometimes I draw things.  Its an itch that doesn’t allow my hands to stay still for very long.

They appear in the margins of paper, done in pen or highlighter, or crayon.  Anything available and within reach.  They show up on lined paper, sticky notes, the back of scrap paper.  I don’t know where they come from, what they want, or why the push themselves into existence.  Here is one that I did last week of a girl on the moon.  (I love images of the moon!)

Girl on the Moon

The Ladies of Steampunk

20 Oct

Here is a little Steampunk inspiration.

Click each image to go to the original source.

Steampunk Lady

Steampunk Lady 2

Steampunk Faeries

Steampunk Faeries

Steampunk Lady 3

Steampunk Girl

Steampunk Girl. So cute!

Dieselpunk women

Dieselpunk Ladies

steampunk victorian lady

Steampunk Victorian Lady

Steampunk White Rabbit

Steampunk White Rabbit

Zombies! Zombies!! Zombies!!!

6 Oct

I am a fan of zombies.  Not the scary horror types, but the quirky survival stories.  This image scratches that itch.

zombie survival

Out Sick

27 Sep

I’ve been out sick yesterday and today.  Completely forgot to post yesterday.  Sorry guys!

A quick thought for today:

traveling, reading, drinking tea, and writing

How Far to take Steampunk Cosplay?

19 Sep

Cosplay is something I’ve only recently discovered when I dressed up last May for the Steampunk World Fair 2012.  Ever since I’ve been planning and plotting my next 3 costumes.

steampunk lady with a gun

I have to research the American West, French & British war, relations with Native Americans in the 1800s, relations with the British in the 1800s, guns, knives, Irish Republican Army, trains, silver mines, and a whole lot of fashion during this time.

steampunk leg warmers spats

This may seem like a ridiculous amount of work to some (ok most) people, but to me it is a thrill.  I am creating an entire story, characters, and steampunk world to fit into.

steampunk waistcoat vest fashion

Steampunk World Fair 2013 will be 3 days.  I want 3 costumes.  One for each day.  As the days progress, so will the story line of my costumes and characters.

steampunk victorian historical 1870 dress

Does anyone else do all this?  Am I going too far?  Taking this too seriously?

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