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Part 11 – Onging short story – “Mum Disappears”

17 Sep

The Challenge: 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week#58 – Write 104 words containing the phrase …as the apple fell…

This is part 11 in an ongoing story.  A new part is added weekly with each challenge.  Links to previous chapters can be found here.

apple tree


“What if I want my life back?  If I don’t care about living a hollow existence?”  Lydia said.

“You wouldn’t be here if that was the case.”  Said the cat.  “You chose magic.”

She frowned at the cat but didn’t argue.

The pair jogged to catch up to where Mum disappeared around an old brick building.  She was gone.

They walked down the alley, following the twists and turns past a maze of back doors, eventually coming to a garden bathed in light.  At the center grew a towering apple tree.

A branch rustled.

As the apple fell, a hideous laugh upset the quiet.

Pros and Cons of Blogging

14 Sep

Why you should Blog:

1) It is fun.

2) You meet, connect with, and befriend so many wonderful people with similar interests.

3) You get to share a little bit of yourself with the world.

4) You learn about yourself along the way.

5) It is an information hub.  I’ve learned a ton by researching/planning posts that I want to make.

green swamp mer man monster

Drake Brodahl Illustration

Why you might not want to Blog:

1)It is a time sink. – This is a benefit if you’re looking for something to do.  Not so much if you have a busy life

2) It is a commitment. – Don’t feel like posting today?  Too bad.

3) It is hard work. – Having a brain fart and not able to come up with anything to say?  Staring at the blank screen and hoping for a miracle idea that never fully forms.  It happens.

4) It can be discouraging – We all want to be super brilliant and popular right out of the gate.  Have everyone love our words and ideas that we pour our souls into.  Sometimes checking the Stats page is a thing of nightmare inducing dread.  (Especially when you first start and you are just praying for 5 hits in a day.)  Stick it out and it gets better.  The longer you keep up regular posts, the more time people have to find you.

In summary:
I think it is completely worth it.  I guess that might be obvious because otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this post.  Haha.

I included both Pros and Cons because it really is hard work and if you aren’t committed to doing that from the start, you’re setting yourself up for failure.  Work hard and your blog grows.  It is one of the most wonderful things about Blogging.

What motivates us as human beings?

13 Sep

I often find myself doing things that I really enjoy, not because they make me happy but because I have to.  It is a compulsion.  Things like writing, drawing, and even this blog.

The surprising thing is that I love the process of doing things.  The end product is never my goal.  (When I focus solely on the end result whatever I’m doing usually turns out like crap.)  It is always the journey that brings pleasure.  Perfecting the process, refining the product, and making something that is uniquely mine.

Perhaps I’ve developed a seriously OCD personality?  Maybe I just can’t cope with reality anymore?  Haha.  Just kidding on that last point.  I like to think of myself as a relatively well adjusted and happy person.  Although I do find that making things (anything) is an escape for me.  A way out of this world into a place that I can control and manipulate to my heart’s desire.

Even when it isn’t fun, I HAVE to write, blog, paint.  I really do wonder about myself sometimes.  I don’t make much sense with my motivations.

Instead of a pretty picture to go with this post, I will leave you a song I have stuck on repeat.  It is perfect mood music to write to in case you are so inclined.

Steampunk wings win best in show at Dragon Con 2012

12 Sep

Meet Chloe Seachord.  Coolest Steampunk wing design and costume ever.

She won best in show at this year’s Dragon Con.

steampunk costume mechanical wings

Those wings are fully functioning.  They can retract and expand.

Check out Apparition Abolishers for details on how the wings were constructed.

Steampunk Girl & Her Bird Drawing

11 Sep

A drawing I did in pen and ink.  Click for better resolution.  Not sure why it appears grainy on the blog main page.

Steampunk bird ballon cage zeppelin

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