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To Me – Really it will be OK. Stop Panicking.

18 Nov

Another pep talk to myself scheduled in advance.  It is the end of October as I write this and I know that by the time this posts I must be freaking out about NaNoWriMo.

Take a deep breath, stop obsessing about word count (I know you are!), and go take a walk.

Feel better now?  No?  Ok, read this and maybe it will help get your head screwed back on straight.  You can do it!

writing a first draft quote

To Me – Don’t Panick

11 Nov

I’ve scheduled this post about a week in advance so that once NaNoWriMo is in full swing, and I’m panicking for whatever reason (behind? story gone astray? no plot? hate my characters?) I can remind myself of a few important things.

These are some of my writing weaknesses and wonderful little quotables to help push through them:

Quotable - Clive Barker - Writers Write Creative Blog

writing villains

Key to reader sympathy...need to keep this reminder for later.

Quotable - Leigh Brackett - Writers Write Creative Blog

 Create the tings you wish existed - writing

I’m not saying I’m behind but…

6 Nov

Nano is already stretching ahead of me and I’m about 5k words into my novel.  To be on track I should be somewhere around 10k today.

Depressing right?


I wrote 5k words in 5 days.  Holly molly am I impressed with myself!  So what if it isn’t enough to ‘win.’  It is writing and that is good.

Or instead of celebrating this accomplishment, we can make excuses for why I’m not on track like…

I apologize, however Princess Peach tried to kill me.

The excuse creator! Yes!!!

Adding Character Flaws to Enhance your Writing

1 Nov

DreampunkGeek: Adding Character Flaws to your writing

NaNoWriMo is here!!!!!!

I’m starting my writing off with a cast of characters that I’ve been thinking about for a couple of weeks and developing bits and pieces of their personalities.

If you really want to make your characters pop try adding flaws.  I found two very in depth lists below and chose about 2 flaws per character.  I used my handy dandy random number generator -i.e. my husband- to pick some that I would have been too nervous to choose ordinarily.

Character Flaw Index

Dark World RPG – Character Flaw List

One of my favorite characters turned into an alcoholic and child hater.  Ironically I think it strengthens his character instead of damaging it.  Now he has his own daemons to fight.

Don’t Forget to Backup your Novel!!

30 Oct

With NaNoWriMo starting in 2 days (OMG its almost here!!) a friendly reminder to backup your novel regularly.

My favorite way to do this is with Dropbox.  It is free and ridiculously easy to setup and has plenty of space to save your new book-in-progress.

Good luck to anyone out there participating this year!  May your words come freely and easily.

Louisa May Alcott writing books quote

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