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A Simple Explination of Steampunk Googles

3 Oct

Steampunk Googles

Goth for Geeks

25 Sep

Steampunk, goth for geeks

Sometimes steampunk and Goth are compared.  Ever hear this one?  “Steampunk – What happened when Goths discovered brown.”

There are some similarities in the aesthetics, but the biggest difference I’ve observed is the attitude of the people.  (Note: This is generalized and purely based on my opinions and observations.)

Goths are unhappy people.
Steampunks are excited about life.

I can go up to anyone decked out in steampunk garb and start a conversation.  Chances are they will be friendly, geeky, and a lot of fun to be around.  Honestly, I’m intimidated by someone dressed as a goth, all in black, who doesn’t look all that friendly.  Does this make me a scardy-cat?  Yes, probably it does.  Do I care?  Nope.

I’m a steampunker through and through and I don’t really understand the appeal of goth culture.  What are your experiences with steampunk/goth culture?  Did I miss the mark here?

DIY Steampunk Top Hat

10 Sep

Here is a new and improved DIY top hat tutorial from Lost Wax.  Previously I posted a link to their cardboard top hat tutorial, along with other nifty top hat projects here – Three Steampunk Top Hat Tutorials.

This new top hat is made using an exercise mat and craft foam.  The way he adds a curve to the brim (using a hair dryer to heat the mat) is ingenious and looks fabulous.  It also looks comfortable because of the material it is made out of.

Steampunk World’s Fair is just around the corner

14 May

It’s almost time!  It’s almost here!

In two days my friend Juana and I will fly out to NJ for the Steampunk World’s Fair!!!!!!  We will be meeting up with my brother, mom, and dad.  A small family reunion of sorts.

Can’t wait!  Can’t wait!  Can’t wait!

I am in frantic costume completion mode.  Very frantic, but finally getting together the last elements of my two outfits and working on backstories.  (One is the Steampunk Fairy Catcher and the other is a Raven lady costume.)  When I have pics, and finished costumes, I’ll post a few photos.

Looking forward to some great events and performers like:

Victorian Slang or – Did they really say that?

27 Mar

Mwahahahaha!  Watch this educational clip from the British TV show Horrible Histories for some really funny Victorian Slang.  This is all things they really did use in their speech.  It got me rolling with giggles and laughter.

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