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Zombies and Turtles…?

25 Oct

Next time someone asks you a question and you aren’t entirely sure how to respond, try a line from this kids book.  You will come off so pro that no one will know what to say.

…I like turtles!

A Zombie Apocalypse Proof House?!?!

2 Oct

As I become one with the zombie hoard this month, it might be good to know that there are alternatives to being one of the living dead.  For instance, there is this zombie proof house that might just keep you alive.

Zombie Proof House Picture

Zombie Apocalypse House

Zombie Safe House Picture

Getting into the Halloween Spirit, Zombie Style

1 Oct

It is finally October and that means fall is here, pumpkin spice lattes are back, leaves are falling, and there is a chilly breeze.  A month to go until Halloween, and although I have no life (i.e. no plans) for Halloween besides handing out candy in costume, I will dress up if it kills me!

My hometown Reno is in the spirit of all things undead during October.  If you are in the area or within driving distance you might want to check out these zombie events.  Who knows, you might even see me there.

Redrun – A Zombie Manifestifal in the Dead of Virginia City

The event happens 9AM – 8PM on Saturday, October 12th 2013.

As of right now my plan is to sign up as a zombie with a group of friends.  There is even professional makeup artists that will zombify you for free!

Redrun - virginia city zombie event

Reno Zombie Crawl

Main info for the 2013 Reno Zombie Crawl on Sat Oct 26th

The event happens on Saturday, October 26th 2013.

There are Three parts to this event and you are welcome to join in one, two, or all three.  I’m personally only interested in the dance.  How can you not want to do the Thriller dance, as a zombie, flash-mob style, under the Reno arch????

RUN at 10:00 AM

This year the Reno Zombie Crawl is hosting our first ever No Brainer Humans vs Zombies 5K fun run! It’s all ages and it’s going to be zany fun! Plus, all 20 and over participants will receive a FREE ZOMBIE CRAWL CUP to enjoy the evening’s festivities! Get more information and register here >>

DANCE at 7:00 PM

When the Reno Zombie Crawl began, we traditionally took a break midway through the event to dance to Michael Jackson’s Thriller. What began as a fun dance has now become its own event, as Thriller Under The Arch attracts hundreds of dancers and participants to the Historic Reno Arch! This event is all-ages and free, and this year we’re looking for 1,000 dancers to break our previous record! Get info and learn to dance here >>

CRAWL at 8:00 PM

The main event begins at 8:00 pm at different locations in downtown Reno!

  • Cups will go on sale by October 1st at Junkee Clothing Exchange and other locations

  • Locations: over 40 different local taverns will participate!

  • $3 beer and drink specials at every location with your crawl cup!

  • NO COVER at any participating bar or club for any participant with a crawl cup!

  • Every single venue will hold at least one costume contest during the crawl! All you need to enter is a crawl cup!

Back in the land of the living

14 Mar

This was me for two weeks.

DreampunkGeek: (Anna Van Skike) SickAsAZombie

DreampunkGeek: (Anna Van Skike) SickAsAZombie

It was the worst flu I’ve ever had.

Last Monday I began to feel human again; however I’m still recovering and catching up on everything I neglected to do while I was sick.  That is why this post has been so long in coming.

I’ll make an actual post later today or tomorrow to get things back to normal.  This is just me saying “I’m alive and am very sorry for being gone.”

Plot Ninjas!!!

9 Nov

Can Plot Ninjas save the universe from the Zombie apocalypse?

Plot Ninja

If you are confused, read the previous post here 😉

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