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A doodle of the anime variety

22 Apr

Ah, nostalgia from my middle school anime obsessed days.  Here is a little doodle of the anime variety.

Nalin anime doodle

Botanical Drawing

20 Apr

A silly little drawing I made of a terrarium and some plants.

a terrarium and some plants

DreampunkGeek: (Anna Van Skike) A terrarium and some plants

Gollum Sings Taylor Swift

13 Apr

This isn’t as bad as it sounds.  It is surprisingly funny.

Drawing Jane from Lizzie Bennet Diaries

12 Apr

Lizzie Bennet Diaries introduced me to Jane Austen.  (If you haven’t seen it, go watch it now!  You will love it.)

Somehow I’ve never been a fan, read her books, or watched any of the movie adaptations.  LBD modernized Pride and Prejudice in the form of vlog posts on youtube.  It updated characters, setting, and added a touch of humor.

After 100 episodes, the story has come to an end, and I already miss the updates on Lizzie’s life.  We got to be with her through good times, bad times, and romantic moments with Mr. Darcy.

One episode in particular really got to me.  Number 87 made me cry, and so in retaliation I ran off to play with my art tablet and drew Jane offering tea because, “Everyone deserves tea” according to her.

This is what happened.

DreampunkGeek: Anna Van Skike - EveryoneDiservesTea

DreampunkGeek: Anna Van Skike – EveryoneDeservesTea

Steampunk Fairytale: RED

11 Apr

Love, love, love, love, this!

The artist odingraphics says this about the piece:  “This is Red Riding Hood, she has to get the basket, a revolutionary power source, to ‘Granny’s House’ before the Big Bad Wolf gets her. Had a lot of fun with the characters, might do a short comic about them.”

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